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Which domains do we process?

We process the largest list with more than 500 000 domains. It includes all deleting domains and domains from the largest and most popular regisrars.

Domain SEO parameters from Auction Godaddy.com

  • One of the top three online auction houses for buying and selling domain names.
  • Really low commission.
  • Enormous number and variety of domains available for bid at any given time
  • Long Domain Auction lists which often include names that have been previously unavailable at a wide range of price points

Domain SEO parameters Pool.com

  • An auction sale form at for both deleting domains and domain sales posted by customers
  • The oportunity to backorder as many domains as you like for FREE
  • Domain marketplace with a variety of listing models

Domain SEO parameters Snapnames.com

  • Tens of thousands of new domain names added daily
  • Featuring quality privately-held domains via Auction and Buy-It-Now listings
  • The ultimate source for expired and deleting domains

Domain SEO parameters NameJet.com

  • Thousands of expiring domain names from several of the world's Top 10 domain registrars
  • Fresh selection of premium domains.
  • Premiere, aftermarket domain name service with exclusive inventory of some of the most desired expired domains.
  • Winning domain name aftermarket technology that allows domain professionals, businesses, and individuals to acquire domain names including those that just expired.
  • ALL SEO parameters from NameJet.com exclusively available in our domain service

Our service also provide domain list with all releasing (deleting) domains for every day. These domains anyone can register with help of favorite register on usual price.

We check each domain and show all the most popular SEO-parameters.

All domains, except releasing domains, are not expired and this means, that they do not lost their SEO parameters, such as Page Rank, Backlinks, age, Alexa Rank etc. It is very important if you do not want to spend time with new domain and whait until it acquire trusted Searche Engines parameters.

With our service you can get complete backorder lists for every day and find the most suitable "domain with a history".

We have a lot of domains which are present in Dmoz and Yandex catalogs. All domains have the age over 1 year and this is important during site promoting and gives an advantage over young domains. Domains with parameters can immediately begin to earn money, rather than wait until the site will become "trustful".

To start using our service you need:
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2)Pay for service here, and start to search you treasure domain right now!

History Service

06/21/10 -In connection with change the server and as a consequence increasing financial burden, we were forced to introduce fees for using this service. From 22 June service become paid . (only 0,5WMZ/day if you pay for 1 month). It will help us to develop the service in future and provide you with better service and functionality. For all subsequent functions you ywill not have to pay extra because it will be activated automatically for users who have paid fee.
06/15/10 -

Now we process all "exclusive domain lists" (It is plus 5000000 domains per week) which are available for backorder or already on auctions of such registrars as Pool.com, Snapnames.com, NameJet.com. Advantages of these domains are evident. During pre-registration the date of creating domain does not zeroize in Whois and you get domain "with age" and with saved SEO parameters.

06/10/10 - Finally we started to process domains from Pool.com. General list you will find on this page release domains.
05/05/10 -1)We created an option to add domains to favorite list. 2)Now you can update price once in several domains (Godaddy service)
04/26/10 - We added mailing lists of domains for a given filter on e-mail
04/16/10 - Definition theme of the site automatically in Yandex catalog.
04/07/10 - Added list of released domains in RU, SU area. Every day about 3000 domains.
04/07/10 - Updating price from Godaddy auction goes on now automatically every half an hour for all domains. if someone needs this option more often you should update price manually.
04/06/10 - Our service moved to another domain http://webdomainservice.net
03/28/10 - In Godaddy service scanning all domains. Added searching opportunity and sorting by domain area (TLD). Improved algorithm of determining the age of the domain. This parameter determined almost 90% of domains in the list.
03/19/10 - It is possible to import results to .csv file. In Snapnames base also added domain age.
03/17/10 - Realised results page displaying. Reduced threshold for adding domains to the database on the value of PR for the Godaddy service. Now you can find in the base and the domains with PR = 1
03/07/10 - Now if you click on price in Godaddy service you will be automatically transfered to auction of this domain. Thus you can always find the current price. Also when you click on the icon you can update price not living the site.
03/07/10 - Added release international domains service. In this list are checked about 250,000 domains which are releasing in the next 5 days and will be available for free registration (if domain will not be to put up for auction). For the present there are no any informations about domain age and about numbers of pages in Webarchive. You can find only that domains which satisfy one or couple conditions: 1)TIC>0; 2)PR>=2; 3)Dmoz; 4)Yandex catalog.
03/01/10 -Added checking for agglutination TIC / PR. If you want to see the main domain you need to direct your cursor to TIC/PR values in bubble help. Gluing TIC is determined by almost 100% probability, checking PR sometimes fails, at this rate "not found" is displays. We recommend you to follow the link by yourself (click on the value of TIC /PR) to make sure that search was right.
04/02/10 -Sorting by number of pages / links in search engines is working now. Searching this parameters is available now too.
02/03/10 - Added Alexa Traffic Rank value and search.
01/28/10 - Service Сервис completely redesigned. Added many new functions.
11/12/09 - Added different categories in DMOZ
11/08/09 -Added domain table in Dmoz
11/05/09 - Added column Арх with number of pages in www.archive.org

Future plans for service development

  • Check domains availability in Webarchive in snapnames.com database
  • Increasing number of parameters on which the domain is checked.
Do you want to support the development of the service or to repay? WMZ wallets : R363563345062 Z180641838553.

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